[PDF] Download NPower Past Questions and Answers for 2020 CBT Test

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Every single year, the Nigerian government provides employment opportunities to 300,000 young people through the Npower program. However, your chance of getting a job at NPower depends on passing the exam. Get NPower’s past questions and answers now to take the CBT exam and get a job with Npower in 2020.

The Nigerian Federal Government introduced the NPower Program in 2016 to curb the high unemployment rate in Nigeria. Every year, Nigerian universities put graduates into the labor market without companies to absorb them.

Besides graduates, young people who have not enrolled in institutions of higher education are also aged for their size. In 2019, Al Jazeera reported that 55.4% of Nigerians between the ages of 15 and 35 are unemployed. To reduce this percentage, the Nigerian government introduced the NPower Program.

While this program seeks to train young Nigerians in salable skills, it also pays a monthly stipend. Depending on your area of ​​interest, Npower will pay you salaries for a period ranging from 3 months to 2 years.

However, since the Nigerian government had to attract suitable candidates, they had to screen them. So, Npower is not an entitlement for young Nigerians, but a business that you must work hard for.

What you must do if you want to be among the shortlisted candidates for this 2020 NPower Recruitment

If you really want to benefit from NPower recruitment in 2020, you must work hard for it. You will have to get NPower’s past questions and answers and start training before the CBT test. Let us show you why NPower Test Past Questions help your application in 2020.

Why Should I Get the NPower Test Past Questions

The simple reason why you need NPower test past questions and answers is to pass the CBT exam and get a job with Npower.

The reality of things is that you are the millionth young man in Nigeria to apply for the NPower program this year. If this is 2016 when the program was first started, your chances of joining the program are high.

Let us give you key statistics!

NPower Employment Statistics

The NPower program began in 2016 to accommodate only 300,000 young people. That year, 350,000 young people applied for the program.

In 2017, 2,543,079 young Nigerians took the Npower program and after screening people based on BVN, 1,746,454 youth wrote the Npower CBT test. At the end of the hiring process, NPower has selected only 300,000 beneficiaries.

If you were guessing that the numbers increased in 2018 and 2019, then you guessed correctly. What about this year 2020, as the Coronavirus pandemic forced many people to leave their jobs?

Do you see that we might be wrong in saying that you might be the millionth person applying to the Npower program? You might be the first person to apply or the number two million ninety-nine. None of this is important because NPower will only select you based on your performance on the CBT test.

What is the nature of the NPower recruitment test?


The computer-based NPower recruitment test (CBT). The test questions for Npower’s graduate-level program (NPower Teach, NPower Health, NPower Agro, and NPower Tax) are about English language use and current affairs. Current questions related to domestic and international affairs. However, in some cases, you may get some questions in mathematics. Remember that the questions are automatically generated, so they will vary by type.

For a non-graduate NPower program (such as NPower Knowledge, NPower Tech Hardware, NPower Tech Software, NPower Creative, and NPower Creative), candidates will answer questions related to their skills. This will generally include questions from Database, Networking, Programming, Networking, Animation, Graphics, and CGI. Here, too, the test is CBT.

For both graduate and non-graduate level exams, Npower provides a total of 10 questions that you must answer in 20 minutes. Since Npower strives to be fair (and of course, the questions are tough), it allows you a total of two attempts. So, if you feel that you didn’t do well on the first try, you can try again.

Also, the time period to complete the test is 30 days. This means that the NPower test portal will be open for 30 days for you to take and pass the exam. This gives you enough time to practice for NPower CBT with NPower Past Questions and Answers and to pass the test on the first experience!

How does NPower choose ultimate beneficiaries?

Writing and passing a test is important, but success is what you need! Here’s why:

In selecting the 300,000 end beneficiaries of the NPower Program, NPower considers that:

BVN validation and examination online
Equality (based on gender)
Distribution based on federal districts: The National Force will publish recruitment on the basis of constitutional provisions
Demand distribution to unemployed youth: NPower will deploy employment on the basis of jobs/skills that are in high demand.
Rural-urban equilibrium: National forces will spread employment almost evenly in urban and rural areas.

What the above means is that you will not get a job at NPower once you pass the exam. NPower will take into account other factors that help spread jobs across the country.

Sounds scary, right?
However, the good news is that NPower will not hold your job if you pass the test convincingly. No employer in the world will deny a highly qualified candidate for a job unless he fails the personality test.

NPower cannot test your personality in this situation, so your only chance is to pass the NPower Test well! Get our NPower CBT past questions & answers now to boost your chance of being selected.

What will I get from NPower past questions and answers?

Before we get into details of NPower’s past questions and answers for 2020 Npower recruitment, please read the disclaimer below:

  • NPower previous question disclaimer
    We do not claim to provide original NPower questions and answers! Over time, we have studied both the nature of Npower CBT questions and the areas of each topic where the questions come in. Hence, we have compiled the highly potential questions you will meet at NPower CBT.

Having said that, here’s what past questions and answers for the NPower recruitment test will do for you:

  • Npower Past Questions and Answers Provides you with every potential question you’ll see on NPower’s CBT.
  • Npower Past Questions and Answers Serves as concrete study material that you can use to prepare for your NPower Recruitment examination practice
  • Npower Past Questions and Answers Gives you the confidence you need to take the test alone and pass all 10 questions
  • Npower Past Questions and Answers will guarantee NPower job if you practice well
  • It is a useful practical material that you can refer to anywhere, anytime.

You must understand that the difference between those who finally won the NPower and those who failed is the amount of practice they practiced. You should practice with the NPower Past Questions and Answers.

The NPower winners first get the right study materials for the test, then sit back long hours to study them.

It doesn’t end when you get to NPower’s past questions and answers. You need to take time to practice it and understand the questions.

How Can I Download The NPower Recruitment Scholarship Past Questions and Answers PDF?

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