Warning!!! Don’t Start or Continue Animal Farming if you don’t have this ebook

Are you in search of an eBook on profitable Animal farming for beginners and experts? If so I’ve got the right guide for starting up or prospering in Animal farming for Household and Commercial purposes

Warning!!! Don’t start or continue in your Animal farming business if you haven’t read this book

ANIMAL FARMING: A Complete eBook Guide on Raising Animals for Household and Commercial Purposes

Hey there,
I heard you were trying to figure out how to go about investing your time, money, and resources in Animal farming. You have continually started one and usually ended up folding up. This could be a result of one reason or the other.

It could probably be as a result of always battling with the death of baby Animals (babies of Animals) even before they are a few weeks old. Or you might be losing your baby Animals to predators like the hawk (chief predators of chicks), Opossums, Raccoons, Foxes, The Weasel family is comprised of many members (skunk, mink, badger, ferret, etc.), all of which kill multiple animals and consume from the abdomen, coyotes, Bobcats, snakes, etc.

At some point, it was just the prevailing diseases with a big grammar for a name like coccidiosis, Anthrax, Brucellosis, Campylobacteriosis, Contagious ecthyma (orf disease, sore mouth infection), Cryptosporidiosis, E. coli, Influenza, Leptospirosis and the rest, that made you lose them.

Oh, did I miss the part where you have to consider the cost of purchasing feeds, and at the same time understanding the feed ration for the Animals at a specific time of the week? Well, forgive my indulgence, because this too is a major problem, as nutritional deficiency has adverse effects on your Animals.

Did you also consider the cost of running water, as Animal just like humans consumes a lot of water? Besides, a lot of water is needed to wash, and clean the Animal farm, as well as the Animal’s feeding equipment.
Talking about water made me remember the need to effectively reduce the death of your Animals by providing them with the essential drugs. These drugs most times need to be fed to them through their water or leaves.

And so, we move on to the next headache that is giving you sleepless nights, this is the need to know the correct natural supplements for your baby Animals.

Forget all the bad thoughts, and let us focus on how you need to figure out the best way to construct your Animal house and the amount of ventilation that is required for your Animals. You also need to figure out how to raise your Animals effectively in order to be able to have them grow very big and have enough meat, strong shells, and others for profit generation.

With all of these, you can agree with me that you require the surplus knowledge provided by The Animal Farming e-book to be able to start, and sustain your Animal farm, or make tremendous improvements if you have already started. This will help you to avoid complex or tiny mistakes, and you will have the right information provided in this book.

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This is an all-in-one ebook that explains in simple English the ABCs of becoming super successful in Animal Farming. Everything You Need to Know in order to beat your competitors and have the best results raising the following animals:

  1. Cows (Cattle)
  2. Sheep
  3. Chickens
  4. Ducks
  5. Rabbits
  6. Pigs
  7. Geese
  8. Goats and More.

This 1000 pages ebook is written by experts who understand what it means to throw your money around on what doesn’t work especially these trying times, they came together to proffer solutions packaged in this one ebook with over 150 pages of the 1000 PAGES dedicated to each animal.

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5 Profitable and Interesting Facts about Animal Farming That Should Spur You into Action

Listen, I am optimistic that this E-book is what you need to take your Animal farming business to the next level. To better convince you, I will give you 5 profitable and interesting facts about Animal Farming that should spur you into action already;


The animal farming business is a very lucrative job and it is worth investing in. This is because it is a means to an end. What I mean is that Animal farming is a great means of generating income. As no matter the level of investment you put in, you will surely generate income if you do the things emphasized in this Animal Farming eBook.

Good Source of Employment

The animal farming business is a good source of employment, in such a way that whether you decide to keep your day job or not, you will still be able to run it with all amount of effectiveness.

Low Capital to Startup

Animal farming requires low start-up capital, and it also brings a rapid return on investment. This can be seen from the fact that you can start benefiting from your Animal in a few weeks (for chickens, etc) and months of raising them.

Source of Fertilizer/Manure

Animal droppings which can be used as a source of fertilizer for vegetable farmers is another great way of generating income from your Animal farming business.

Source of Meat and shell

Last, but not least, if you are considering raising Animals, you will be blessed with high nutritional valued meat for your customers. You can also sell the hide, skin, and shells of your Animal to industries and coral makers.

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So far so good, you have seen that purchasing the Animal Farming E-book will make a whole lot of difference in your business. So I’ll give you a rundown of what you should expect while going through this E-book in the comfort of your home.

What You Will Learn From This Profitable Animal Farming for Beginners and Experts eBook

  1. Introduction to the Animal Industry
  2. Selection of Site and modern Buildings
  3. Equipment
  4. Best methods of Procuring quality inputs. (day-old chicks, goat kids, piglets, etc)
  5. Feeding of your Animals and natural supplements to increase their size and abilities (abilities like egg-laying, milk production, furs growth, etc).
  6. Best Day To Day Management in Animal farming
  7. Timely and Effective Marketing of your farm animals and their products.
  8. Everything on a successful baby Animal farming
  9. Everything on a successful adult Animal farming
  10. Animal diseases – causes, symptoms, and effective cure
  11. Farm security and not losing even one animal to predators and thieves.
  12. Where to Get Animals for Your Farm
  13. Mechanization Of your Animal Farming
  14. Life on the Farm: A Collection of Small Animal Photographs, Including Animal fun facts
  15. How to become a successful Entrepreneur
  16. And lots more!
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I have great news for you! You can buy this very important Animal farming eBook from our download portal 

Enough of long talks and let’s dive straight into the question on your mind now:

How Can I Download the Profitable Animal Farming eBook?

A lot of people will sell for you at higher prices because of the fact that about eight (8) most popular farm animals are discussed and dissected here but we at Bookshop and More are bringing the price all the way down to ₦2500 [(Two Thousand Five naira only)(6.51$, about seven dollars )] instead of  ₦16000 (we sell each of these ebooks at ₦2000 each and since this is more than 8 in 1, it would have been ₦16000 but God forbid, we can’t be that heartless). We decided to bring the price down to ₦2500 only because we care about you and also because you deserve the best at the cheapest price!

1. Bank Payment and contacting us to send to your email and WhatsApp number
2. Automatic Download after payment with your debit/credit cards and other means of payment.

  1. Please note that you can order your eBook now by paying the ₦2500 into the following bank accounts!!!
    Just simply transfer or deposit N2500 only to any of the under-listed bank details through any medium (mobile transfer, ATM transfer, or manual bank deposit). Then you will receive the complete material directly in your mailbox or WhatsApp number in less than 15mins


ZENITH BANK: 2087083828

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UBA: 2145750611

ACCESS BANK: 1374536719

STERLING BANK: 0076550417

When you pay to the bank details above, call or send your details via SMS/WhatsApp to the numbers on the homepage (Whatsapp and call:- +234(0)8171762579 or +234(0)9071434204)

The message should contain information such as;-

Depositor’s Name:

Bank paid into/Transferred to:

Material paid for:

Your email address:

You can also send a mail with the same details to [email protected]

  1. Alternatively, you can download the eBook via our new eBook download portal

What if you don’t buy now? Well, this is just a limited-time offer because we just launched our online download portal and in the spirit of celebrating the portal, we decided to bring the price down. However, the price will soon go up, so, what are you waiting for? Rush now and buy the best Animal farming eBook at the cheapest price.

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If you are not satisfied with the guidance offered in this material after one year of practicing them, kindly let us know and we will refund back your money to you!


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