[eBook] How to attract hundreds Customers daily with Google Ads

If you are seeking to market your product/service to potential customers that will pay you (I mean targeted audience that is interested in what you have to offer) because not everyone who comes across your ad will patronize you. So please, save the stress and use paid ads that will reach real customers who are willing to buy that will pay with the biggest search engine, GOOGLE ADS.

Learn how to advertise on google the biggest website in the world with just $1 and get 200+ customers per day as I do



Leverage the power of THE INTERNET to expand your business and grow your income, google is the most used search engine with over 3billion search queries daily so what are you waiting for? your customers are online searching and waiting to see your products/services if will you reach them through paid targeted ad

Do you know that more the 70 million Nigerians are actively engaged online searching for something online I.e products and services on google every day??
Do you know if you advertise on google and someone makes a search related to your products, your products will appear?? using Google ad helps you target your audience and put your Advert right in front of them

Do you run a Boutique business, Car sales/service, consultant agency, professional services, restaurant, pastry business, etc
Do you know you can run an Advert very cheap for just $1 (360) and reach up to 200-1000 customers around the world (based on where your customers are and where you can deliver your products and services to)!

For instance, I personally run a mini importation business where I sell ladies accessories and women products such as fancy bags, shoes, wigs, clothes jewelry, etc, I optimized my sale with internet ad (Google) to advertise my products to only “female customers” who have interest in “fashion” age range of 30-65, this age group are financially capable to buy my product for females all this set of interested females are called “targeted audience” Google will find them for you on their database. I made over 500,000 in two weeks advertising my product per day for $1 which I run for 2weeks with a 100% return on investment on my Ad.

I have an ebook that will guide you to success this book is written and compiled from my vast experience in digital marketing and paid ad knowledge.

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What You Will Learn From This “How you can Advertise with GOOGLE” for Beginners and Experts eBook

✓ Why You Should Run Ads on Google.
✓ How to Create Google Advert Account.
✓ How to link your account to Google Analytics
✓ How to create Google search Adverts with $1
✓ How to optimize Google search adverts
✓ How to Create Google search Image/Video Ads
✓ How to Create Adverts on YouTube
✓ How to Optimize Youtube Adverts
✓ Learn all the Important Google Tools
✓ Learn All Important Google Metrics

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How Can I Download the “How you can Advertise with GOOGLE” eBook?

A lot of people will sell for you at higher prices because of the fact that all you need to attract sure 100 to 1000 customers are discussed and dissected here but we at Bookshop and More are bringing the price all the way down to ₦2000 [(Two Thousand naira only)(5.22$, about seven dollars )] instead of  ₦4000. We decided to bring the price down to ₦2000 only because we care about you and also because you deserve the best at the cheapest price!

1. Bank Payment and contacting us to send to your email and WhatsApp number
2. Automatic Download after payment with your debit/credit cards and other means of payment.

  1. Please note that you can order your eBook now by paying ₦2000 into the following bank accounts!!!
    Just simply transfer or deposit N2000 only to any of the under-listed bank details through any medium (mobile transfer, ATM transfer, or manual bank deposit). Then you will receive the complete material directly in your mailbox or WhatsApp number in less than 15mins


ZENITH BANK: 2087083828

FCMB: 3622133014

UBA: 2145750611

ACCESS BANK: 1374536719

STERLING BANK: 0076550417

When you pay to the bank details above, call or send your details via SMS/WhatsApp to the numbers on the homepage (Whatsapp and call:- +234(0)8171762579 or +234(0)9071434204)

The message should contain information such as;-

Depositor’s Name:

Bank paid into/Transferred to:

Material paid for:

Your email address:

You can also send a mail with the same details to [email protected]

  1. Alternatively, you can download the eBook via our new eBook download portal

What if you don’t buy now? Well, this is just a limited-time offer because we just launched our online download portal and in the spirit of celebrating the portal, we decided to bring the price down. However, the price will soon go up, so, what are you waiting for? Rush now and buy the best Animal farming eBook at the cheapest price.

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If you are not satisfied with the guidance offered in this material after one year of practicing them, kindly let us know and we will refund back your money to you!


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